Making the invisible killer visible

Currently 90% of us are breathing toxic air. It's an invisible killer causing 4.9 million premature deaths a year through strokes, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

The problem is harder to tackle because most air pollution (particluate matter and VOCs) is invisible even at dangerous levels.

Out of sight, out of mind.

But not with CompAir. Our devices connect to your smartphone to tell you what's in the air you're breathing right now.

The importance of visibility 

In Britain the 1956 Clean Air Act was the result of a public outcry at visible air pollution known as smog.

But because the tiny particulates and gases which make up modern forms of air pollution are so small, we can't see them.


That was our first challenge.


How CompAir
devices work

Working with the world-famous University College London, we’ve developed a small, portable air pollution monitor which uses precision laser-optical technology to examine the air.


We call this an Airtracker.   

The Airtracker detects CO2 and harmful Volatile Organic Comopounds (VOCs) from paints, glues, fuel and aerosols as well as the airborne particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) which is emitted from engines, factories and other sources of combustion.

This information is shared via Bluetooth with your smartphone which also sends the data to us for analysis and comparison.


Clever technology – simple output, including an internationally recognised Air Quality Index score.


The smallest (PM1) particles our device can see are just one micrometre (a millionth of a metre) in diameter.


Seventy times smaller than the thickness of a human hair, these particles are the most dangerous - so small that, like viruses, they pass through our lungs and into our blood.


Taking air pollution personally

By placing your Airtracker in your kitchen (where most in-home pollution is produced), your bedroom or your child’s room, you'll get live air quality readings on your smartphone from the places that really matter.


Take your Airtracker with you on your way to school or work - it breathes the air you breathe and shows you what’s in it. Simple.