Helping companies to protect communities and staff

CompAir offers early alerts and meaningful insights into the sources of air pollution where you work.

By undersstanding more, you can take intelligent steps to reduce air pollution cost-effectively.

  • Avoid costly site shut-downs

  • Protect your employees

  • Protect the communities you serve

  • Win more bids in sensitive areas

  • Stay ahead of incoming air pollution legislation


How we can help

For construction companies, pollution consultants and factories – our low-cost and wearable devices allow you to measure air pollution at source, before it becomes a problem.
Our unique swarm data approach allows you to cover wider areas at a fraction of the cost of existing pollution monitors and over longer time periods.

Our devices are highly sensitive - giving you an early alert about problems so that you can nip them in the bud.


Handheld, wearable and battery powered, you can place our devices around single workers or items of plant to give you real time data on how much air pollution they're producing.

Our in-home devices give you the option to monitor air quality in nearby buildings, engaging with and reassuring communities, activists and public bodies about the relatively low amount of indoor air pollution that results from modern, responsible construction methods.

Developed in partnership with UCL, our sensitive MCERT approved laser optical technology works with a smartphone to instantly alert site workers and managers to increased production of PM1/2.5/10, VOC and CO2 – allowing you to take immediate remedial action.