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Real-time air pollution data you can act on

We work with businesses and the communities they serve to monitor air pollution both at source and in nearby homes, schools and places of work.

With real-time data driven alerts from their exact location, site workers can take instant remedial action (like slowing down or damping down) to avoid exceeding air pollution limits - before it enters nearby communities or triggers site shut-downs.

And with devices placed in nearby buildings, the community can see what's in the air they're breathing in the places that matter most to them.

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Burning toast can cause significant indoor air pollution 

Knowledge is power

By constantly sampling PM1, PM2.5, PM10, VOCs and CO2, our devices provide a swarm of data from multiple locations (you can place and move them as often as you like) to give a detailed picture of the causes of air pollution and how it spreads.

Knowing in detail which activities create the most air pollution is key to reducing your impact and demonstrating your committment to clean air to your clients, local authorities and other stake-holders.

As well as monitoring the external air pollution from industry, our devices know about in-building air pollution (which is around five times worse than outside air pollution) and we will offer simple, practical advice to help people to improve the quality of the air they breathe by improving ventilation and using less polluting cooking techniques.

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A partnership for cleaner air

Our approach gives our partners in the construction industry and beyond the chance to engage with and reassure the communities they serve.

We help you to win bids and help you to reduce delays and reduce costs.